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Mechanical BME Lab

In Basic Mechanical Engineering lab various Equipments are available like 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Engines, Boiler, Power Transmitting Elements like Coupling, Clutches, Bearings and Belts etc. 


Mechanical CAD & CAM Lab

CAD/CAM lab is one of most important laboratory essential to degree students for their course curriculum. This lab was established to impart practical training in the field of CAD (Computer Aided Designing) & CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Software Available: 

Auto Cad (2008), Auto Cad (2009), Catia V5 R19, CAMLAB, ANSYS, Automation Studio

Practical’s performed:

CAD/CAM & Automation, Numerical Methods and Optimization(NMO), Engineering Graphics(EG-II),Computer Aided Machine Drawing( CAMD).


Mechnical DOM & TOM Lab

Dynamics of Machinery(DOM) &Theroy of Machines(TOM) Lab has various setups like FFT Analyzer, Vibration Lab Apparatus, and Motorized Gyroscope and it also has several models and mechanisms available for imparting of practical training.

Heat Transfer Lab

Mechnical Heat Transfer Lab

Heat Transfer Lab has all comprehensive equipments and setups   like Vapour Compression Testing, Vapour Absorption Testing, Ice Plant Trainer and Air Conditioning Testing .

IC Lab

Mechnical IC Lab

IC Lab hasa fully automatic, oil fired Non IBR steam boiler of 600 kg/hr capacity. It is a water tube boiler having water holding capacity of approx 22.5 litres. Diesel Engine, Petrol Engine Diffuser etc are also available in IC Engine Lab.

Metallurgy Lab

 Mechnical Metturgy Lab

In Metallurgy lab various equipment like Furnace, Belt-Polisher, Hardness Tester, Jominy End Quench Test, and Metallurgical Microscope etc are available which helps in better understanding of the subject. 

Metrology Lab

Mechnical Metrology Lab

Metrology Lab has all essential measuring and calibrating    instruments required for precision/ non-precision measurements and calibration. In addition, o precision instruments like Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Sine-Bar, Profile Projector and various gauges like ring gauge, snap gauge, thread pitch gauge and angle gauge etc are also available in metrology lab.

Turbo Lab

Mechnical Turbo Lab

In this lab, the study and verification of Impulse Momentum Principal is conducted. Turbo Machines works on this Principal and Various Tests done.

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