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Research & Publications Name of the Author Paper presented Present/Publish Date of publish ISBN/ ISSN
N.B. Shaikh 1) On line off site condition monitoring of Publish (IJTAE)
4th April 2013
ISSN 2250-2459, ISO 9001:2008 Journal, Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2013
2) Variable Hysteresis Band Current Controller for Power Harmonics Compensation Presented (ICRTC)ICRTC) 22 April 2013 ISSN 2250-2459, ISO 9001:2008 Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2013.
3) Shunt Active filter for power Quality Improvement IJER&GS IMF:- 3.845 July-Aug 2015 Volume 3 Issue 04, ISSN 2091 2730
4). Instantaneous PQ theory for reactive power compensation & power factor correction for non-linear unbalanced load by using MATLAB/ Simulink IRAJ, Publication IMF:- 3.025 30/08/2015
ISBN 9788192958031
    5)Embedded System for Online monitoring of  Induction Motors International Journal of Computer Science and Network 31-03-2016  
2) K.P.Varade 1)On line off site condition monitoring of I.M. by GSM technology. 2)shunt active filter for power quality improvment Publish (IJETAE)

IJER&GS IMF:- 3.845
14th April 2013

July Aug 15

Volume 3 Issue 04, ISSN 2091 2730
3) PROF.RAHUL.H A Bridgeless Boost Rectifier for Energy Harvesting Applications” ICET 01-06-2015  
4) Puja B Zurale Svpwm with pi controller IJARCCE OCT 2015 ISSN 2278-1021
5) Vijay Kumar Sahu Power Transformer Protection Using ANN, Fuzzy System & Clarke's Transform ICEEDC-2015    
    Power Transformer Protection Using ANN, Fuzzy System & Clarke's Transform International Journal Of Advances In Electronics & Computer Science(IJAES) 01-08-2015  
6) Prof.A.L.Satav Review on Challenges and Trends In Wind Energy Conversion Systems International Journal of Research and Technology 01-04-2015  
    Grid Interfacing of Isolated Winding Wind Alternator Using Cascaded Multilevel Inverter International Journal of Scientific Progress and Research 01-12-2015  
7 Prof V.K.Vaidya Interruption of downstream fault current by using dynamic voltage restorer IJSTMR June 2016 Vol 01, Issue 03 ISSN 2456-0006
  Implementation of battery energy storage system system control of reduced rating of dynamic voltage restorer IJSETER Jan. 2016 ISSN 2319-8885
  Capacitor switching phenomenon for EHV Circuit Breaker CPRI Dec. 2014  
  EHV Circuit Breaker performance enhancement for short line fault IJEET APR 2015 ISSN 2320-883X
8 Prof. D.K Sahu Assessment of Voltage Stability using PV Curve IJAIR Aug. 2015 Vol. 4, Issue 8 ISSN: 2278- 7844
Voltage Stability Estimation of Electrical Power System using L-Index IJETMR Sept. 2015 Vol. 3, Issue 2 ISSN: 2320-5288

CONFERENCE ATTENDED BY STAFF DURING YEAR 2016 Name of staff Conference type Place Date
1 Ankita singh International Sandip foundation 25 may 2016

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