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Research & Publications
Sr. No. Staff Name Paper Title Journal Title Published Year
1 Prof. Rokade S. M. Extract User Tweet Post Location & Detect Social and Disastrous event using NER & POS Tags IJECS July 2016
    Segment-Based Real Time Event Extraction From Twitter Using Named Entity Recognition & Microsoft Web N-Gram Services IJIFR December 2015
    Automatic annotation search from web database ELSEVIER January- 2015
    Public Key Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud Computer Science and Information Technologies 2015
    Fingerprint Verification System cPGCON 2015 13 Feb /14 Feb 2015
2 Prof. Naoghare M. M. Elliptic Curve Cryptography Protocol ELSEVIER 2014
    Acknowledgement Based - Secure Intrusion Detection System Against DDOS In Manets ELSEVIER 2015
    Improved Clustering For Mining Ctmsps In LPS ELSEVIER 2014
    A Review Of Modern Document Clustering Algorithm IJSR Oct 2014
    Routing Keyword Search Using KERG IJSR Nov 2014
    Secure Intrusion Detection System Against DDOS In Manets Using Acknowledgement IJCTEC Jun 2014
3 Prof. Shedge K. N. A Survey On User Identification Via Keyboard And Mouse Dynamics IJMER 2014
    A Review Of Graphical Password Based Aauthentication Schemes IJIFR 2014
    Multicloud Architecuter To Enhancce Security And Privacy IJIFR 2014
    A Novel Graphical Password Based Authentication Mathod Using CAPTCHA IJIFR 2015
    Analyzing The Views And Reviews In A Cross Language Framework IJARSE 2016
    Carp : Cptcha As A Graphical Password Based Authenticaiton Scheme IJARCCE 2016
    Woed Segmntation Method For Handerittendocuments Based On Structed Learning IRJET 2016
    Data Hodiing Techniques In Video For Data Security IJIRSET 2016
    Institute Staff Managment Using Android Phone IJIR 2016
    A Hybrid Approach For Gts Using Min-Max Algorithm On Gpu And Cpu IJARCCE 2016
    Analyzing The Views And Review In A Cross Languages Framework ICRRDSEM 2016
    Review Persual In A Cross Language Framework ICETC 2016
4 Prof. Tambe P. S. Cloud base service migration with QoS IJETER May 2016
    Review of QoS based service populating for cloud based mobile apps IJCSIT Feb 2014
    QoS based service populating for cloud based mobile apps Elsevier Dec 2014
5 Prof. Patole U. R. Autonomous Encoding Of Packets Against Jamming Attacks In Wireless Networks IJEATE May 2013
    Autonomous Encoding Of Packets In Wireless Sensor Network IJEATE Aug 2014
    Cloud Bess Service Migration With QOS IJETER May 2016
    Android Application For Single Phase Motor Using IRS & GSM IJIR 2016
6 Prof. Thosar D. S. Secure Knn Query Processing In Entrusted Cloud Environments Asian Journal of Convergence in Technology Apr 2014
    User Controlling System Using Lan Asian Journal of Convergence in Technology Apr 2014
    User Monitoring System Using Lan Convergence of Technology – 2014 (IEEE Conference) Apr 2014
    An Execution Of Intrusion Detection System By Using Genetic Algorithm IJIFR Jun 2014
    User Monitoring System Using Lan International Conference on Convergence of Technology – 2014 6 Apr -8 Apr 2014
7 Prof. Tambe P.M. A Survey On: Android System For Public Services IRJET Oct 2016
    TGI Module For Social Tagging System IJARCET March 14
    A Survey On: Tag Grouping And Intimidation Modules For Social Network ELSEVIER March 2014
    Message Hosted Security For Mail Tracking - 2012
8 Prof.Bhosale R. B. Multi-Decision Tree Based Intrusion Detection System IJSETR July 2015
    Cooperative Machine Learning For Intrusion Detection System IJSER Jan 2014
    Obstacle Detection Using Mono Vision Camera And Laser Scanner IJRET Dec 2013
9 Prof. Aher P.S Survey Of Reversible Watermarking IOSR -
10 Prof.Wagh M.B. Secrete Sharing Using Parallel Projection IJCS(I.F. 3.01) Mar 2012
11 Prof.Nangare R.B. Analysis For Exploring Scope Of Mobile Agents In Cloud Computing IJDCST (I.F 4.464) August 2013
    Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Virtual Machine For Cloud Computing Environment IJCST(I.F 4.378) June 2014
    Detection And Analysis Of Twitter Trending Topics Via Link-Anomaly Detection. IJERMT (I.F 1.492) Jul 2015
    Identity Based Distributed Provable Data Possession In Multi Cloud Storage IJERMT (I.F 1.492) August 2015
12 Prof. Aher T.P A Survey On Bug Reduction Techniques IJMETR JAN 2016
    Bug Triage With Software Data Reduction Techniques IJARCET May 2016
13 Prof. Dhande M.P Image In Painting Using Super Resolution IJRITCC Mar 2014
    Video In Painting Using Super Resolution IJRITCC Oct 2015
14 Prof.G.J.Gagare Cyber Emotion Extraction Using Intrinsic And Extrinsic Domains: An Aid For Product Aspect Ranking IJIRCCE Sep 2016
    Different Approaches For The Removal Of Different Valued Salt And Pepper Noise In Images Using Spartan 3 IJARCCE Jan 2016
    Extraction And Analysis Of Cuber Emotions: A Tool For Global Marketing JRRET Jan 2016
    Multimedia Based Information Retrival Approach For Lecture Video Indexing Based On Video Segmentation And Optical Character Recognition IJARCCE Feb 2016
    Towards Effective Troubleshooting With Data Truncation IJARCCE FEB 2016

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