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SVIT is one of the premier institutes in SPPU Pune, not only because of its excellent academic background but also because of its strong inclination towards research and development of innovative technologies. With better infrastructure and high-quality faculty, the Institute is now geared up to achieve enhanced growth by scaling up research and development activities and closer interactions with industry.

Grants Sanctioned

Proposals Sanctioned in Academic Year 2016-17

Sr.No Name of Funding Agency National/International Scheme Name Sanctioned amount Name of Co-ordinator Branch Name of Topic
1 BCUD, SSPU Pune   Minor Research 250000 Prof.B.L.Pangarkar Chemical Design and development of multi-effect membrane distillation process for pesticide waste water treatment
2 BCUD, SSPU Pune   Minor Research 100000 Dr.B.G.Gawalwad E&TC Printed Monopole Antenna for UWB applications.
3 BCUD, SSPU Pune State QIP (workshop) 60000 Prof.Mahendra Guddad Chemical Application of Chemical Simulator in Chemical Engineering
4 BCUD, SSPU Pune National QIP (workshop) 100000 Prof.P.P.Autade E&TC Embedded Robotics
TOTAL 510000      

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